from by No-Confidence



Ride my bike in the middle of the night,
Stir some shit just to start a fight.
I'm starting to think I've always been like this,
tell me baby is it something you miss?
Cause it boils deep down and smells of piss.
My lack of control is taking its toll,
my anger is bleeding me of my own soul.
Remember he said, a man so drunk, nearly blind,
"If you wanna stab yourself, don't use the first thing you find."
I hush my breath, I wanna hear this.
"Be careful young lady- you might get tetanus."
He reeked of booze but he spoke the truth,
don't be a victim to your illnesses misuse.
Cause it boils deep down and smells of piss.
Anger management is dismissed.


from 2017, released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved


No-Confidence Albuquerque, New Mexico

Matt, Shane, Cadence, Garrett.

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